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Nov, 2018

Register for The Hitting Class This Offseason

Dub Baseball is thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for local hitters to learn from the best hitting coaches in the area in an awesome setting. The Hitting Class will feature the best technology available with advanced metrics to monitor each player's progress.
The Hitting Class will also feature the Axe Weighted Bat Program and the Driveline Hitter's Progression program that is guaranteed to increase bat speed over the timeline of the class! These are offerings unique to Dub and the Dub Training Center! 
Each player will be monitored by the Rapsodo Hitter's System. The Rapsodo system is a high speed camera and radar system that monitors exit velocity, launch angle, spin rate, and 3D Ball Flight. The system also will provide instant video analysis and will prove to be a key feature in making The Hitting Class the best offseason hitting offering this area has ever seen. This is the very best technology in the industry.
These classes are going to begin with individual assessments. Each player will receive an assessment listing strengths and areas of improvement. Each player will be given an account on an app that will be used to access their drill series for each session. Everything will be laid out for them on the app. Each session will include a drill series, weighted bat work, mechanical focus', visualization exercises, mental work, and goal settings. We are going to dive pretty deep on some high level concepts.
The benefits of the Hitting Class Include...
  • Assessment Based Programming - Each athlete will have a program based off an individual assessment
  • Individualized Instruction - The athlete will have a program designed specifically for him
  • Semi-Private Setting - Each session will be capped at 8 players, ensuring maximum repetitions, space, and instruction
  • Use of Technology - Dub has the best technology in its facility and will be using it in the Hitting Class. The Rapsodo System will be used and is the best technology available. Every tunnel will have a radar gun on it to provide instant feedback for the players on every swing
  • Mental Game Coaching - Extremely important for hitters but very much under coached. Breathing, visualization, and various mental exercises will be employed
  • Group Setting - Players are able to push each other, be held accountable by others, and compete, as compared to a private lesson
  • Value - Get all the benefits (and more) of a private lesson, at a fraction of the cost!
Players will be able to sign-up for hour long slots on the assigned days. For players playing Winter sports, we can look at having 1-day options on Saturdays (depending on registration numbers, but we would love for them to participate. Send Erik a message for this accommodation). 
The Hitting Class is an awesome opportunity for local hitters that are looking to take their game to the next level. With the use of advanced technology, along with the awesome coaches, the class will provide an outstanding course to prepare local, high-level players for their Spring seasons.
Thank you and let us know if there are any questions.

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